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Infos pour "Schier"

Pour Schier il y a sur Yasni 24 noms différents.

Schier est dans la liste des prénoms les plus fréquents sur Yasni au rang 1849.

Schier a été recherché ces 7 derniers jours 1 fois.

Signification de "Schier"

The term "Schier" refers to the first, on some dazzling but also pure. This is expected as "sheer Freischem" or "sheer bacon," identify the major expansion or a particular layer, superimposed over one another substance with sharp edges / boundaries (as opposed to lower strands of this material = "mixed"). - Significant places and limits wear this name or the term as part of name (see Schierstein, Big / Small Schier in the field of marine Steinhuder, border rivers and brooks, or the fact angrenzeden land area). Interestingly, there were also deposits of coal and / or peat, so the above dazzling sight (with raw meat) may be related (see open outcropping coal seams). The term "slate" seems to be linked, allowing the gray, thin stacked "layers" cross-references. This could also be in the place name "Schieder" add a Entstehungsaskpekt. Finally, the term "Schier" historically in the 11th Hundred-proof, where monks were involved in the colonization of Schiermonnikogg instrumental in Holland. The naming of the island is derived from the look / appearance. - (See also:

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