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Twitter: Rose Hathaway (badassroza)

Rebal.Badass.Rose is the name Im single and looking I have a perfect daughter with amazing blue eyes -smiles- thats right shes an Ozera and Her name is Amber

Twitter: Rose Hathaway (dhampirrh)

Ville: St.Vladimir's Academy / Rose Hathaway Here. I'm 18, Currently Training To Protect Moroi's and Kick Vampires Ass's, I'm Also Single + Looking! Whoa, Good Luck To Me! [Role-Play/18+]

Twitter: Rose Hathaway (dhampirrose)

The name's Rose ...a dhampir...died...brought back to life by my bff Lisa and now i'm Shadow-Kissed..a little sarcastic and quick-witted..{RP}