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Alain Hubert Official Web Site - Partners
Partners & Friends. I couldn't do what I do without the support of some of the nicest folks on Earth. Some of them have been my sponsors for as long as I can remember

Alain Hubert Official Web Site - Home
Alain Hubert: Polar Explorer, Guide & Entrepreneur. As someone who is passionate about the Polar Regions and polar expeditions, I've witnessed firsthand how climate ...

Alain Hubert Official Web Site - About
This website is the web home of Alain Hubert. I am a Belgian polar explorer and the founder of the International Polar Foundation Powered by ExpressionEngine

... prend place à chaque édition du festival l'imposante et réjouissante cérémonie d'ouverture, hommage à la culture de Hué et à la rencontre des cinq continents, avec le concours du maître du feu Pierre Alain Hubert.

Pierre-Alain Hubert - Artiste Pyrotechnicien
Pierre-Alain HUBERT Artiste Pyrotechnicien La réjouissance, 4 rue Rougier Marseille, France Phone : Mobile Phone :

Alain Hubert Official Web Site - News
Latest News. Here I write about climate change and Polar Regions - but also about anything else that strikes my fancy. I'll try to post here as often as I can.

Alain Hubert Official Web Site - Speeches
Speeches & Conferences. Every now and then, people ask me to give a talk or lecture at their conference or event, which I usually agree to do. I often address issuess

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